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Meet Nav Shahram

My family and I moved to Canada from Iran when I was 8 years old. Moving away from family and friends proved to be challenging but it forced to me get out of my shell. Throughout the years I’ve made friends from various regions of the world and have learnt about their culture and etiquettes. As a result, I have always been fascinated by human behaviour, culture and our intrinsic need for connection.

Regardless of my professional or personal life I have a strict set of values I live by: Honesty, integrity & empathy. There is no genuine connection without trust.

Prior to Real Estate, My partners and I founded a Design + Marketing Agency for small and medium sized businesses. My team and I spent countless hours helping our clients sell their products and services throughout North America. I have transferred these specialized skills to my Real Estate practices and have been very happy with the results.

Photography, nature and cooking are very dear to my heart.

My Values & Skill Set
– In Depth Market Knowledge
– Consistent Communication
– High Level Negotiation Skills
– Advanced Advertising & Marketing
– Top Rated Vancouver Realtor
– Speak English + Farsi
– Honesty and Integrity
– Local for +20 years
– Local for +20 years
– Sutton President & Director Award
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